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Distant Skies: Application


Name: Enzel
Are you 18 or over?: yes!
Other characters played: Anakin Skywalker ([personal profile] skyguy)


Name: Rhys Khevran (originally "Kaeryn")
Canon: Original
Age: Physically 34, actually over 30,000
History: On an unnamed planet, thousands of years in the past, a boy named Kaeryn was born. He showed an aptitude for magical studies, and once he was old enough he was sent to an academy where young people were trained in the art of war. Years of conflict were slowly leeching the life from the soil of the planet, as its inhabitants drew on that energy to enhance their destructive abilities. Kaeryn's twin sister, Arra, accompanied him for her own education, as a swordswoman. She was also his protector, the more outspoken and active of the two. Kaeryn preferred staying indoors with his books, but he hated learning destructive magic, which earned him the derision of his peers. He was often picked on, and teased even more when it was his sister that had to come to his rescue.

Before their coming of age, however, the city surrounding the academy was attacked and razed. Thanks to Kaeryn's protective magic, he, Arra, and a small group of teachers and students, including their younger sister Sanah, managed to escape. Cast out into the desert that was all that was left of the surrounding countryside, they wandered for weeks, scraping out food and sustenance, but just barely. The towns they came across were in ruins, already destroyed and looted by the enemy.

One by one, the frailer members of their group fell ill and died, from heat exhaustion and malnutrition. Jeran, one of Kaeryn's magic professors, with his own baby daughter to look after, began to slowly lose it after his wife passed away. He recalled a forbidden text he once studied that allowed the travel from one plane of existence to another, and vowed to use that knowledge to bring his daughter to a place where she could grow up without the constant threat of war or starvation. However, the ritual required a sacrifice greater than anyone realized. Believing Jeran would lead them to safety, they all pledged to help him perform the forbidden spell. Kaeryn himself was uneasy, but saw no other option.

The spell leeched the life force from the very souls of every member of the group, creating a portal and reducing their bodies to dust. Jeran disappeared through it with his daughter. Somehow, however, Kaeryn and Arra found themselves still alive and intact. With no time to grieve over the loss of their young sister, they followed Jeran before the portal could close. They found themselves in a lush tropical jungle, far from any civilization.

Jeran was nowhere to be found. The twins carved out a living in this new place, grateful to be alive but carrying a heavy burden. Kaeryn began to study their surroundings as well as the change in his own power that came about after their near-death experience. It took years, but he eventually discovered what set them apart from everyone who perished--their souls.

Souls are part of the essential energies that give sentient beings life. When a person dies, their soul is wiped clean, though it may retain "impressions" from its past life. The twins' souls were perfectly ordinary ones--until they came into contact with the portal spell, and it warped them. They became "constants", points of energy that could never fade or be depleted. Kaeryn's power was now limitless, restricted only by the confines of his body, which tired easily when channeling such power.

Eventually the twins struck out to explore their new world, and stumbled upon a young woman who tried very hard to kill them. She called herself Maea, and was, in fact, Jeran's daughter. Though the time the twins spent on the planet was not enough for the baby to grow up, it turned out the portal deposited them there ten years after Jeran's arrival. He'd raised his daughter, but the aftereffects of the spell slowly ate away at his soul and his sanity, eventually killing him. Maea blamed the people he'd told her about, the ones whose souls he could sense somewhere nearby--Kaeryn and Arra.

Maea herself was also a constant, thanks to her father's foolishness, and now she was alone, consumed by the thought of revenge. Her targets always managed to fend her off, not keen on killing a victim of circumstance as well as their only other source of human contact. However, as Maea grew older, her own power grew stronger, and soon enough she was a match for Kaeryn himself. One of their fights sapped their bodies of strength completely, and they were both killed, leaving Arra alone.

But not forever.

The two souls went on to inhabit new bodies and give them life, seeming like wiped ones, but in reality, Kaeryn and Maea's memories remained just below the surface. Though their bodies were mortal, every time one of the three died, they would be reborn as a new person, in a new world. A new face, a new name...until they experienced a great shock, such as trauma, and all their old memories of their past lives came rushing back.

However, there are a great many universes and a great many worlds, and the twins and their adversary did not meet often. Maea eventually mellowed, life after life giving her the maturity and experience to realize the wrongs her father had committed. She developed an attachment to Kaeryn, while the twins grew apart, both retreating into themselves as the pain of seeing so many people die before them began to take its toll.

Somewhere around the 10,000 year mark, Kaeryn snapped. He killed himself every time he was reborn and regained his memories, over and over, until it finally sunk in how futile it was. He slowly regained his sanity, but with it he began to seal his true self away, leaving each new life to exist as a separate person, keeping his lifetimes of memories locked inside. But something equally old and powerful had learned of his existence, and saw even his willingly sleeping soul as a threat.

The creature, known as Xezbeth, what most belief systems would call a "demon", turned a version of Earth (year 2056 A.D.) into a trap for him. It was looking to harness his limitless supply of energy for itself. Kaeryn was reborn in his original body, with all his memories there from birth. He hid himself, pretending to be an ordinary child, and was adopted by a woman named Erin. Sometime after his fifteenth birthday, he was discovered. In the struggle, Erin was killed. Kaeryn left that world behind, using the original forbidden spell that had given him his power in the first place, since it could no longer affect him.

The place he ended up was a strange one, even by his standards.

Until he met Kyran. The sworn guardian of the planet Pristerra, he would live as long as the earth did, billions of years. Kae had finally found another ancient being that understood the pain of watching everything die around you. He warned Kyran what might happen if he got attached--the emotions he'd suppressed for so long would thaw, and madness could claim him again. But they made a vow to one another: every time Kae was reborn, Kyran would find him.

Their parting and meeting continued for a good five thousand years, before Kae was reborn as "Rhys", a child living on Pristerra itself. He experienced firsthand how the people poisoned their planet with their technology in the pursuit of power, tormenting the guardian who tried to cleanse it. He grew bitter and angry when his attempts to prove Kyran's importance failed, when he was laughed at, or his beloved imprisoned and tortured. Finally, he gave in.

Guardians were essentially immortal--their life was tied to that of the planet. So the only way to free Kyran from his suffering would be to hasten the death of the planet itself. "Rhys" became a scientist, finding ways to ravage the soil while returning home to his lover with a gentle smile on his face. He could no longer see the world--his world had become only one person. And soon he would destroy it.

Point in canon: Pristerra's cores are still in a manageable state, and Kyran suspects nothing. Shortly before Rhys discovers Professor Larkin's research and uses it to hasten core contamination.
Window Location: in a storage room in his lab.
Universe: Actually a collection of parallel universes all connected by an overarching energy field. Though each separate universe has some of its own rules, they all operate under a unified theory of energy manipulation. Any kind of "magic" or "science" there is just a way of channelling and using said energy. Also, souls within the universe set are recycled and can be sent to any universe within it to be reborn.

In Pristerra's universe, there are other inhabited planets in the galaxy, but none close enough to feasibly travel to without some rare technology. One of these planets is U'dalley Kurkixuon, and was colonized in the distant past by natives from Pristerra. The natives once had wings on their backs, like angels, and the ones who left Pristerra retained them and live peacefully on Kurkixuon to this day. The ones who remained behind slowly lost their wings as they became more reliant on technology over the natural order, and came to resemble regular humans. Contact between the two planets has been cut off since Kyran's childhood. (a.k.a. over five thousand years prior.)

Pristerra is a large planet, bigger than Earth, but the vast majority of it is uninhabited by humans. Most of them live in protective domed cities that keep out the pollution they generate, turning it on the wilderness. The forests are savage and have developed mutant plants and animals that will eat anything they can catch.

The planet is covered in points of energy called "cores".

Abilities: To put it simply, he's kind of hax. However, there are rules and restrictions.

His magical ability is innate, connected to the soul and not the body. Therefore, "Rhys" has access to all of Kaeryn's power, and the knowledge of how to use it. He’s nowhere near the level of a god or divine being, but he is powerful for mortal standards. He can't just snap his fingers and make anything happen; whatever he wishes to apply his magic to requires effort. That said, it's very versatile.

In order to accomplish something--say, for example, opening a locked door, he would first need physical contact with the lock. Technically he could do it from a distance, but that would require more concentration and effort than would be practical. By placing a hand on the metal, he can use the material as a conductor, sending his power into it and more or less feeling out the mechanics on the inside. He can use this to construct a mental picture of it, figure out which tumblers to turn, and then move them by sending magic into them.

This method can be used to do nearly anything he puts his mind to, from building a sandcastle to healing a wound. How well or quickly the task is completed depends on how much physical material is involved, and the precision required. Healing a living thing is much more difficult than messing with an inanimate object. This also counts for using magic against magic, though that becomes a direct battle of strength between him and the other magic user.

He also uses his power as a sort of sixth sense. This is an unconscious action; he’s been doing it for so long it works in his sleep as well. Since it’s relatively passive, it barely uses any of his strength. What it does is tell him the age and composition of any material he touches, and if he reaches further, anything in the immediate area. He can also sense living things in a certain radius around him (75 feet or so, up to several miles if he concentrates), which makes him very hard to sneak up on.

Everything he does is by using his internal energy to directly manipulate atoms. Basically, it looks like hocus-pocus, but he can't create something out of nothing--he has to work with what's there. When making a shield, for example, he can use raw magical energy, which would tire him very quickly, or he can rearrange air molecules, which puts significantly less strain on his body. Healing involves rebuilding the body's cells back to the way they were before the injury. He's spent so long studying matter that he can do more or less anything with the right materials, but it also makes every magical working he does more complicated than it would usually be, since he has to keep track of every single bit of matter his power touches.

He can sense magic itself, even if the type is foreign to him, and with enough time determine what it can do/what it’s used for/how powerful it is. This ability comes from lifetimes of studying magic, which is pretty much the only thing he gets excited about anymore.

The limits to this are physical ones--though he technically has enough power in his reserves to accomplish more or less anything, it puts strain on his body. Any great use of magic will physically exhaust him, and it takes at least a day, sometimes more, to recover, depending on severity.

To those with the ability to observe souls/magical energy, he's like a beacon at full strength, though he usually keeps a conscious damper on it to appear as less of a threat.

Aside from that, he's physically a normal human being. He's in good shape/has a decent amount of stamina, and is competent at hand to hand and staff fighting, as well as having a decent knowledge of many other weapons. However, he hasn't been in a physical fight for some time, so he's a little rusty. He's also more likely to do things the normal way, and leave his magic for things he can't accomplish with his own two hands.

As a side note, most diseases have no effect on him unless they're particularly dangerous. His power works in tandem with his immune system and gets rid of things pretty fast. However, poison is a different matter and must be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Possessions: his clothes (pants, shirt, scarf, shoes, lab coat) and I.D. card.

Personality: At first glance, Rhys seems friendly and relaxed, unfazed by almost anything. But there's an instability about him, and a profound sadness. He has a tendency to ramble without thought for his surroundings, or company. He has difficulty being straightforward, and will usually talk around a subject rather than about it. This vagueness can border on irritating sometimes. He doesn't seem to care about other people's feelings very much, since he's aware it has that effect on them. Though it should be noticed that he doesn't do it specifically to get on people's nerves, it's more of a side-effect.

He also has a bad habit of unconsciously flirting with people, from a lifetime of turning up the charm to get what he wanted. It's usually meaningless, just something that's been ingrained into his speech patterns. He gives off the air of being distracted and unfocused, and his smiles are hardly ever genuine. He tends to refer to people by their full names, even if they insist on a nickname, but he will use condescending language without remorse on someone he thinks can't keep up with him. This arrogance is something that's been with him from the beginning, but was tempered and hidden for a long time, and only shows now because he's more or less fed up with those around him.

One thing that remains constant for "Kaeryn" in all his incarnations is a thirst for knowledge. In fact, if something new and exciting appears, he'll pretty much drop everything to study it. (this along with the labcoat gives off some mad scientist vibes.) He doesn't go full-on Dr. Evil, but he does push ethical and moral boundaries sometimes. (and ask invasive questions.) He's very unlikely to restrain someone against their will, but he'll dig up any secrets he can.

That said, deep down, he genuinely likes people. He's just been burned so many times, seen so much death and ignorance, that he's tired. He doesn't give anyone chances until they've proved themselves first, and even then he'll hold himself at a distance for a very long time. Even if they're a worthwhile person to know, to befriend, he's only going to outlive them--so why bother? So at the core of what was once and still could be a very kind person is a deep, weary bitterness. He knows how to deflect people from this, however, whether it be with words or looks, or even to the extent of distracting them with his own body.

The aforementioned kindness, while not immediately apparent, is the entire reason he's in this state. Because he cares, because he tried to give people chances and was disappointed, he's all the more bitter for it. For a long time, he saw his life as less valuable than others, because they would die forever but he would just be reborn. But at the moment he's beyond caring. He has the chance of returning to the way he used to be, but it would take a lot of healing. He has to relieve that deep, slow-burning anger toward injustice first, but that won't happen easily.

Thread Sample: here!

Prose Sample:

Plans: In his "canon", Rhys eventually accomplishes his goal and destroys Kyran and Pristerra, but a large reason for it is because he's in so much despair from no one taking him seriously. I want to see how he'd react to an opportunity to get away from the stagnation of Pristerra, since he himself can't really travel to different worlds/universes unless he's dead; i.e. his soul is separate from any body and he can use the full extent of his power.

Notes: I was thinking it would probably take him longer than normal to recover from daemon separation since his soul is really not supposed to be messed with.


Name: Photine
Sex: female
Form: green tree python (morelia viridis), blue morph
Additional notes: I don't know if this will ever come up, but she will remain female even if Rhys/Kae were reborn in a female body, since he is originally male.

Why this form: Pythons are generally patient creatures, waiting for their prey to happen upon them instead of being active hunters. They kill their meals slowly by squeezing them to death and then swallowing them whole. The specific species tends to be arboreal and therefore eats more birds than the others, which is a bit of a morbid nod to Rhys's role in Kyran's slow death. But more than that, many pythons are bred in captivity and kept as pets. As long as they are fed and satisfied, they're fairly docile creatures. Unless you pester them and set them off, of course. When hunting or threatened, they strike with blinding speed and precision, and don't let go of their target until they've suffocated it into submission. This stubborn single-mindedness recalls Kaeryn's original personalty, focused on his studies, as well as his tendency to fall into stark black and white ways of thinking.

Additionally, snakes are seen as bad omens in many cultures, but in others they are keepers of wisdom, and both interpretations suit Rhys quite well.